Lesson Plans using the Digital Collection

  1. Map of Texas  I will print out a map of Texas and on that map will have rivers highway and they will have to color in different color the rivers and highways. they will also learn the North, South, East, West on a map and how we use it and how it works.
  2. Matching activity I will print pictures of any sport player form Baylor and cut them out and have them faces down on the table and they have to find the matching pare.
  3. ABC Record they will learn there ABC’s and what a record id to i will teach them what and how a record works and what it looks like. The activity is that there will be black paper plates and constitution paper i will have an example so that they have an idea of what it is going to look like and the will make there own record disc
  4. They will be giving a map of Waco and and they will color the map and later they will tell me what the see on the map.
  5. Teach the children about the Alico building here in Waco, they will know the history of the building. They will have to tell me what letters they see on the top. draw or color of the Alico building
  6. Waco suspension bridge,tell them the history of the bridge and bulls, teach then about the Brazos river, print a picture of the suspension bride (birds eye view) and have them color it.
  7. Letter from the digital collection I will pull up the website and show them a letter from back then and how this is the way we communicated there were no such things like phones to where we would talk to we used things called letters. so they will have to write a letter to one of there family members as there activity.
  8. Music sheet (Pre-school songs) shoe them what a music sheet looks like. they will trace some music notes.
  9. Game: find the items I want to place picture items from 1-8 on a sheet of paper and make a list of iitems and they have to find them and then they can color the page.