Experience My 2017 Internship at Baylor University Library

My first day of the job I scanned books on a Epson scanner. The books that were used for the website digitalcollection.baylor.edu I would scan and crop the pages so that they could be put on the website so that students can have accused to the books anywhere they are. This website is not only for Baylor student any students across the world can use it. It can help you with a paper or find research for a project. Not only the website has books there are so many other things ext… Audio,letters,maps,newspaper,oral history,photos,posters,sheet music. There are just so many information on this website.

I used the CONTENT dm Project Client  to make sure that the books i scan and now on the website some of the writing is very hard to see and read so at the bottom of the page there is the text printed. I had to copy and paste the text from the book to this software so that you can reed the text from the book. I had to make sure that the text was word  by word like how it was in the book some of the pages of the book were wrong so I had to go and make sure that they were correct.

I also organized old Waco news papers from 1848 etc… the Moody library barreled them from Texas collection so that we can scan them and up loaded them for the website. After they were done with scanning them it was my job to make sure they were all there and in order from month,date and year. I really loved this project because I got to see how the news papers back then are different from how they are now. The newspapers are very fragile and important to Waco history seeing how Waco then is so different from how it is now so many things ion Waco changed. After they were in order and all there they went back to the Armstrong library and now you can see them on the website.

I helped  my supervisor Eric Ames set up a table about the digital collection project/Black Gospel Music Restoration project for the incoming freshmen so that can be part of the project and have a better understanding on how important black gospel can be saved and keep the gospel going. On our Baylor website there is a link that you can hear black gospel music and see all the different artist that were apart of this project.

I used this software called Content dm project client, this software was use for the website there were some letters that you really couldn’t understand because of the writing so at the bottom of the screen the letter were typed so that you can understand what the letters were saying. It was my job to make sure that the letters where correct and the typing match the letter, I did a lot of books I had this list of books that i had to do and I got almost all of them done.

I told my supervisor Eric Ames that I wanted to make a website so that later on in the future when I open my Daycare center I want my lesson plans online so that other teacher can use them or need help in coming up with lessons plans for the children. So he address me with this website called “wordpress.com” and I stared to make my our website on  my website I have my own blogs and why I wanted to to open a daycare center in the first place.

Since I wanted to make up lessons plans for the children Mr Ames suggested to use the digitalcollection to use that information and make it a way that little ones can understand it so with that being said  I came up with 9 lesson plans from the digital collection. The lessons cover things in Waco and it teaches them about Waco and Texas. I will have a list and the direction on how the lessons plan go.


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