Hernandez’s Day Care Center

I want my day care to be different from the other ones. Most people thing it’s just a place that you drop off your kids while they go to work will NOT mines. In the Hernandez’s day care your child will be educated so that when they get ready the their first day of school they will know what to expect in their school. They will have no problems in class if anything they will have to help the teacher and be the row motel in the class. Your child will have house rules manners and will be able to do somethings on their own they will not only have to rely on mom and dad. There will be zero behavior problems they will be very  respectful to the staff and the other children that will also attend the day care as will.

I will hire other adults that meet the requirements of teaching at my day care and they will have great experience with children. There will be multiple class that your child will be learning i want them be ready for the experience of them being in a class room so that they can get comfortable and not have a hard time developing in a classroom. I want your child to be as comfortable as much as they can be, we will have snacks time and recesses and someday I would love to go on field trips with the children so that they can have the expernce with going on feild trips with there school and other students and they will know how o ackted when thast are in an differnt anvierment then the classroom


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